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Gone are the days when school attendance was manual roll calling and was integral to student attendance in class.

Though this traditional school attendance management is still popular in many a school, the concept of the use of RFID Attendance System for School Students With SMS  is gradually gaining momentum in city schools.

We provide Smart RFID Student Attendance System with parent SMS notification for student attendance that track the student attendance using a simple smart card. RFID tag will be attached to the student’s ID card. When the student enters the school RFID card gets punched at entrance, it will detect the tag and will send notification to the parents through SMS and Android App. to inform them that their child has entered the school and at the same time system will store the information for the  reporting purpose. While leaving the school premises, the student will get RFID card punched once again and notification will be sent to parents one more time.

RFID School Attendance System with SMS


RFID school attendance system is a wireless RFID based automatic student attendance system offering a complete student attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day for School Attendance. The card is shown to the reader device and RFID reader identifies the student.

SMS is sent to the parents immerdiately that child has entered or left the school premises. Online student attendance is also registered on software. RFID school attendance system automatically generates various reports enabling schools to accurately monitor each student's attendance. RFID attendance for schools, school attendance system has clearly outclassed and improved student attendance. It has also significantly reduce the time and costs involved in manually monitoring and recording attendance details. Atmytip.com is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wireless RFID smart card based Student attendance management systems in India. We have been providing rfid attendance systems for schools and colleges across the country for six years. Both our hardware and software is fully customised to meet each client's requirements and budget after we conduct a detailed analysis of needs. Working Protocol: When Student walks through the gate , attendance will marked and automatic SMS will be generated & sent to Parents.

About RFID School Attendance System

RFID School Attendance System Show and Go Machine

Show and Go RFID attendance for schools is a entirely cloud based plug and play portable student attendance system, which means that no further computers, internet or LAN wiring is required. All you have to do is switch in on.

This Show and Go Machine is suitable for schools with 500-1000 students.

RFID School Attendance System Automatic Gate Reader

Automatic Gate Reader or Touchless attendance for schools is a also a plug and play portable student attendance system and there is no need to show the card to machine.

This Show and Go Machine is suitable for schools with 1000+ students.

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RFID School Attendance System with SMS

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