Gone are the days when for School Attendance manual roll calling was integral to student attendance in class.

Though this traditional attendance management is still popular in many a school, the concept of the use of RFID based attendance system is gradually gaining momentum in city schools.

We provide Smart RFID Student Attendance System with SMS for student tracking that track the student attendance using a simple smart card. RFID tag will be attached to the student’s ID card. When the student enters the school RFID card gets punched at entrance, it will detect the tag and will send notification to the parents through SMS and Android App. to inform them that their child has entered the school and at the same time system will store the information for the  reporting purpose. While leaving the school premises, the student will get RFID card punched once again and notification will be sent to parents one more time.

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  • Portable and light weight                                                                                 ​

  • No need of any computer and  internet connection for sending messages. It is an automatic process.

  • It is capable to start working  from anywhere

  • GPRS enabled device

  • Compatible with any network  service provider

  • Directly connected to the cloud  server

  • No need of software installation

  • Very user friendly online cloud based software


How RFID School Attendance System works

RFID Attendance Features

Automated School Attendance vs Manual School Attendance

  • Schools adopting RFID technology stay ahead in competition. Maintaining automatic regularity of student attendance and taking action against late-comers and non-attendees, schools can not only enhance academic performance of students but also play an active role in the holistic development of each student. RFID technology also helps enhance classroom security​

  • The traditional method of taking attendance of students by calling roll numbers or names is a time consuming process. Schools can overcome this inefficiency and address the problem adopting RFID based attendance. RFID tags help automatically record student's attendance. Teachers can thus devote more time in effective teaching.

  • A class generally accommodates a large number of students. Manual signing or roll calling not only distracts attention of both teachers and students but also often lead to false attendance record. There are also chances of losing the attendance sheet owing to any possible negligence. This can be avoided with RFID technology

  • At the end of a semester or a term, teachers often conduct attendance analysis and provide scores accordingly. Manual computation for obtaining a large number of students' attendance percentage is highly time-consuming. RFID facilitates attendance analysis with a click of the mouse in seconds!

Parents Benefits of RFID Automated School Attendance 

  • Freedom from anxiety and Peace of mind for parents/guardian.

  • For Parents it is easy to understand benefits of this facility.​​​

  • Instant notification through SMS and Android Application  to the parents on the safe  arrival of their child at school.

  • Late entry, Late exit, Early exit, Non arrival of their wards in school can be tracked by parents.

  • Monthly/Yearly Attendance Report can be retrieved from archived data within few clicks.

  • Various Certificates viz Transfer certificate, Migration Certificate, Character certification can be accessed.


  • Personal messages like important school notices, special achievements, reports, emergencies can be instantly communicated and accessed by parent/ guardian.

  • We also have optional facility to track ward in bus and individually through our dynamic and integrated software i.e. tracking from home to school and school to home.

School Benefits of RFID Automated School Attendance 

  • The teacher need not maintain attendance records by manually calling out roll numbers or names of each student in class at the start of the day or after lunch hours

  • Capability to store maximum records in real time

  • In-built real time clock

  • In-built communication interface for interpretation and processing of data

  • A great automated tool to accomplish Child's safety commitments for school.

  • Facility like this will definitely add value, enhance profile and reputation.

  • Hassle free and totally automated system which requires no additional manpower to operate.

  • Zero investment for school. We will provide all RFID cards  and devices.

  • Manual Attendance recording and maintaining for staff and students is time consuming and inefficient process where in RFID automated attendance system is efficient and reduces cost.

  • System can be programmed to handle multiple shifts.

  • ​Late Arrivals, Late Departures, Early Departures, Non Departures are tracked individually (students and employees) and reported.

  • Single click attendance report for entire staff with timing can be accessed by Supervisor/Principal and Management.

  • Attendance Report of individual class/ sections generated on daily basis.

  • Monthly/ Yearly Attendance Report can be retrieved from archived data within few clicks.​

  • Payroll management facility - by dedicated software on the basis of system generated robust attendance reports. 

  • Fees management facility - Invoice generation, Fees collection reports and pending invoices can be tracked in a single click.

  • Library management facility - Book issue and returns can be tracked on single portal.

  • Personal messages like Birthday wishes to staff and students, important school notices, special achievements, reports, emergencies can be instantly communicated and accessed by parent/ guardian.

  • Event Calendar Management facility.

What we provide in RFID Automated School Attendance 

  • One User ID and Password for school to our cloud based  attendance management application.

  • All RFID Cards.

  • RFID Show and go/ Walk through gate as per our standard norms.

  • Robust integrated web cloud based dedicated software for School management.

  • Separate School Administrator and Parent portal Login.

  • Daily 2 SMS for each student for entry and exit notification to parents.

  • PWA based App for all parents.

  • There is a nominal yearly charge for each student which  Includes usage, maintenance and SMS per day.

  • 24 X 7 technical support.

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