In light of current situation of security concern in schools regarding unauthorized visitors, schools are now required to regulate, monitor and record visitor access in schools. CBSE has issued guideline dated – 12-09-2017 regarding monitoring and recording of visitor in school. This software fulfills and satisfies the guideline in that respect and provides another layer of technical security at the first checkpoint. An image of a school technologically equipped and  concerned for security is projected starting from entry point itself.

Hence it becomes imperative for technology to step in and take control of this process which if done manually would not be robust and inefficient. We present Visitor Management Software for the purpose. 

Visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor Management System can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Basic computer or electronic visitor management systems use a camera, server and printer to monitor and record visitor information.

An electronic visitor management system improves upon most of the negative points of a pen and paper system

Proponents of an information rich visitor management system point to increased school security as one substantial benefit. As more parents demand action from the schools that will protect children from predators, some school districts are turning to modern visitor management systems that track a visitor’s stay.

How Visitor Management System works

  • Visitor contacts the gate for entry in the school.

  • Camera takes the photo of the visitor at the entrance.

  • Further details of the visitor is recorded.

  • A visitor slip with photograph of the visitor is generated.

  • Entry details are reorded and visitor is allowed to enter the premises.

  • Exit is made on the software at exit time and the total visit details along with duration is recorded of the particular visitor.

Visitor Management System Features and Benefits

  • Photographic records of visitors

  • Restricted access to visitors to any particular department or area.

  • Monitoring the visitors & their activities in the company

  • Makes visitor pass issuing easy.

Visitor Management System Reports

  • Date wise, Time wise, Visitor name wise - Daily, Weekly.

  • Time interval wise, purpose wise etc.

  • Microsoft Excel format.

  • Any specific requirement can also be addressed.

Visitor Management System

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